Nature-based decision making 
scales with MRV

Measurement, reporting, and verification to address climate change & biodiversity loss.

Special Announcement

MRV Collective is now Nature Tech Collective

Nature Tech Collective

The MRV Collective is a non-profit, member supported, industry coalition advancing strategic applications of measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) technologies to address climate change,  biodiversity loss, and close the $700 billion dollar annual nature-finance gap.

Our Mission

Demonstrate the power of MRV technologies in scaling nature-based decision making and closing the nature-finance gap.

Africa Natural Capital Alliance
Biodiversity Credit Alliance
Taskforce for Nature Related Financial Disclosures

We envision a world where nature is valued and respected by nature-dependent sectors of society and earth positive actions are backed by data integrity, scientific rigor, and traditional ecological knowledge.

London Climate Action Week

Calendar of Events

MRV Collective has hosted events in major cities and you'll find our members around the world. We also host online experiences to continue building relationships throughout the year.

Are you an MRV Organization?

Through open source tools, member partnerships, and community education, we support a range of impactful products that progress the MRV tech sector.

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Understanding MRV

Measurement, Reporting, and Verification refers to the multi-step process of measuring climate, biodiversity, and social benefits resulting from an activity towards achieving environmental, sustainability, and regenerative outcomes

The collection and analysis of data related to environmental indicators, such as greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, energy use, pollution, and natural resources. 


Observed data is reported and standardized to allow for comparability across sectors, organizations, and countries so managers, investors, accreditation bodies, and governance entities can make informed decisions.


Independent assessment and auditing of reported data ensures accuracy and reliability. A shared commitment to learning and progress aligns all actors who endeavor to iterate, cultivate trust, and invest in relationship.

Collaboration. Inclusion. Results.

Biodiversity and nature protection is everyone's responsibility.
We recognize data as a cooperative asset that can bring diverse stakeholders together and accelerate decision making.

Our Promise

Integrity & Transparency

The climate and nature transition cannot be achieved without data integrity, transparency, and collaboration across all sectors of society.

Traditional Knowledge & Scientific Rigor

We recognize that both traditional ecological knowledge and western science methods are needed to realize the stewardship and protection of our home.

Urgency of Action & Reciprocity

Our actions today impact  generations to come. Data driven decisions help to manage risk, highlight opportunity, and close the nature-finance gap.

Affordable, Reliable, & Effective 

We emphasize shared learning and iteration with a multi-layered approach to help make MRV more affordable, reliable, and scalable for all. 

Use Cases of MRV

MRV based decision making helps track, transition, and respond to the risks, pressures, and drivers of climate change, nature loss, and biodiversity collapse.

Programs & Initiatives


Stronger together. Events, collaboration & spotlight opportunities to tackle common challenges together. 

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Optimize learnings. Via iteration and discovery, the Ecosystem Services Lab is an applied multi-layered approach to MRV. 

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Nature Tech Report

Deep Synthesis. The state of nature tech market report released in collaboration with Nature4Climate and Serena Capital.

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MRV helps monitor the effectiveness of private sector commitments to stop deforestation from happening in supply chains and business operations.


Measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) is a critical component of any country’s efforts to mitigate climate change & nature loss.


MRV systems and their proper functioning are crucial to unlocking carbon finance, and showing progress on climate and biodiversity goals.

We Believe

MRV is integral to financing and coordinating a nature positive transition and accelerating planetary repair to support life and prosperity for generations to come.