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The MRV Collective is a non-profit, design and build, industry coalition advancing strategic applications of measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) technologies to address climate change, biodiversity loss, and close the $700 billion dollar annual nature-finance gap.

MRV Providers

MRV Provider Members are vetted solution providers and leaders committed to accelerating a nature-positive future.

Crowther Lab

The Crowther Lab applies advanced remote sensing, machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches to answer fundamental questions about ecology and the interactions between biodiversity and climate change.

Carbon Rewild

Biodiversity Monitoring Made Easy. We offer Bioacoustic monitoring services to monitor wildlife and measure biodiversity change over time.

Cecil Earth Pty Ltd

[Cecil]( is a data management platform for natural assets and our mission is to unlock data-driven nature markets. Teams investing in nature use Cecil to collect, organise, and share complex data for high-integrity decision-making, analysis, and reporting across global standards. We are trusted by teams such as Foresight Sustainable Forestry, Kilter Rural, and Conservation International to manage data on 3,000+ natural assets and 3M+ hectares.


Treeswift builds and deploys forestry technologies to produce transparent, verifiable forest inventories to scale. We work with TIMOs, REITs, landowners, state agencies and both compliance and voluntary forest carbon project developers across the U.S. to provide timber and carbon cruising services and data analysis powered by our first-of-its-kind robotic and machine learning technology. Treeswift’s intelligent drones and signature terrestrial backpack cruising system are used to collect data from beneath the canopy using state-of-the-art suite of sensors which combine LiDAR and high-resolution imagery. We process data through advanced algorithms to produce individual stem-level tree metrics, and further distill these metrics into operational timber and carbon inventory databases and reports in a flexible array of formats.

3Bee Srl

3Bee is the leading climate tech company in protecting biodiversity through technology. 3Bee employs bees as a fundamental bio-indicator, collecting and interpreting data through innovative proprietary systems to monitor the health of bees and pollinators and their connections to ecosystems. These technological systems include: _Hive-Tech_, a hive scale 4.0 that monitors the well-being of bees using IoT sensors; _Spectrum_, an AI-driven sensor for counting pollinators; _Flora_, a Neural Network System that analyzes plant biodiversity, developed in collaboration with ESA. To date, 3Bee has implemented regeneration projects alongside more than 500 companies across 10 countries who have chosen to contribute tangibly to the protection of biodiversity. 3Bee also partners with research centers, schools, farmers, growers and citizens to promote the importance of preserving biodiversity. From its foundation, 3Bee has developed a local network of over 3.000 beekeepers, installed more than 4.000 IoT sensors and regenerated more than 40.000 hectares of land and forests.


Pachama’s team is made up of a multidisciplinary and international group of engineers, scientists, and operators from some of the best organizations in the world including NASA, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, OpenAI, SpaceX, Tesla, and The Nature Conservancy, among others. Our team is driven by purpose and a deep love for nature and our planet.

Xylo Systems

Xylo Systems is a biodiversity platform providing corporations with the tools to measure and mitigate their impact on nature. Our mission is to preserve biodiversity and reverse the rate of species extinction by making biodiversity data, insights and mitigation actions accessible and actionable.


Agerpoint is a spatial intelligence company focused on measuring and monitoring crops and trees with digital tools.  The Agerpoint Capture app creates 3D digital twins of trees and crops with a smartphone or tablet. Agerpoint Cloud is browser-based software to analyze 3D plant models along with data from satellites, drones, and more. Agerpoint helps estimate yield, spot disease, calculate carbon sequestration potential, and evaluate biodiversity.

We are the first collaborative platform where farmers get more profitability by telling their Crop Story™

Fair Carbon

Our mission is to scale high-quality carbon credit supply through digital and data-driven project design and MRV to preserve and restore natural resources and accelerate clean technology. Product: We offer an integrated package of software, hardware and AI tools to project developers, clean-tech companies, governments and organizations. This enables them to design carbon projects and measure, monitor, report and control outcomes in near real-time based on comprehensive data collection and analysis directly from the project site. All features are based on CDM methodologies and are suitable for the verification of carbon credits with VERRA, Gold Standard and other agencies. We have meanwhile exciting partners also on the customer side (private equity fund portfolio companies, FinCo Fuel, one of Europes leading breweries, banks etc.) but are mainly focused on the supply side. We have a project in Congo and Ghana (CDM and RegenAg), plus Tanzania in the area of Nature Based (Mangroves). Here we are working with the ZMT Leipzig and Prof. Dr. Martin Zimmer (mangrove researcher) on our own, more precise methodology.


We help 100+ companies and cities to monitor and improve their biodiversity impacts in 20+ countries. Our monitoring solutions include Beeomonitoring (using bees as natural drones to monitor biodiversity and pollutants), e-DNA, tech/AI platforms for risk assessment and actions


Kanop is an AI-powered SaaS platform revolutionizing MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) for natural ecosystems conservation and restoration projects, addressing the need for trustable, scalable and affordable solutions. Utilizing satellite imagery, Kanop assists project developers by supplying precise, scientifically-backed impact data that can be employed to validate their positive contributions.

Rebalance Earth sits at the intersection of cutting-edge science, economic modelling and innovative technologie. Our mission is to is to create high-integrity nature credits that protect and grow biodiversity, capture carbon and generate prosperity for the communities that preserve nature.

Chloris Geospatial

Chloris Geospatial is a technology company providing science-based forest carbon insights built with Earth Observation data, machine-learning and AI. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to net-zero and nature-positive societies with the most reliable, trustworthy and transparent natural capital data.The Chloris Platform supports carbon market participants with cutting edge monitoring data for nature based projects, covering both removals and avoided emissions. From deforestation to forest degradation, growth, and regrowth of trees: Chloris sees what the atmosphere sees, for every pixel on the planet and since the year 2000.

Yard Stick PBC

Yard Stick measures soil carbon. Scientists and farmers alike know that climate-friendly agricultural practices have the potential to remove atmospheric CO2 at gigaton/year scale. When these practices are adopted, more carbon is stored in soils, improving soil health and fighting climate change. But significant measurement challenges have held soil carbon efforts back - until now. By reducing the cost of soil carbon measurement by 90%+, Yard Stick will dramatically expand the opportunities for evidence-based regenerative practices to simultaneously improve ecosystem health, increase farmer income, and combat climate change.

Metabolic Software

Our mission is to leverage technology solutions to bring the economy within planetary boundaries. Metabolic Software is a diverse team with extensive knowledge in sustainability and software product development. We are developing Link, a solution for automated nature impact and risk assessment, allowing organizations to quickly assess their nature footprint, the resulting risk from that footprint, and the hotspots that should be prioritized.

Pivotal Future

Pivotal's mission is to deliver the data and evidence people and companies need to invest in positive outcomes for nature - enabling new nature financing mechanisms to emerge at scale, while assuring they drive positive change. We do this by leveraging advances in sensor technology to enable low-cost, scalable data collection at species level, and by creating machine learning models that allow us to scale analysis to ecosystems across the globe. By scaling the collection and analysis of biodiversity data globally, we make it possible to accurately measure biodiversity changes at site level and to audit and evidence those changes.

Albo Climate

Albo Climate, established in 2019, is an Israel-based startup that developed a novel remote sensing platform, powered by AI and satellite technology, to quantify and monitor environmental metrics in nature-based assets. Albo Climate's environmental intelligence platform delivers transparent pixel-level data, insights, and forecasts on carbon, land use, biodiversity, and climate risks. Combining geospatial monitoring and deep learning expertise, Albo Climate’s remote sensing solutions will accelerate the transition to sustainable land use and scale nature-based climate solutions in vast ecosystems worldwide.


We are the world leader in using remote sensing technology for sustainable commodity supply chain risk management. We empower businesses to transition to a sustainable sourcing model, reduce scope 3 emissions, and simplify compliance with the EUDR, and other deforestation-free commitments. With our extensive knowledge and science-based, EY-certified methods, we ensure companies can stay compliant, meet their commitments and report on their progress with confidence.


Okala accelerates the protection of nature by measuring and valuing ecosystems at scale. Our technologies are deployed on over one million hectares of land on multiple continents. Okala's products and services are built on rigorous, intuitive and meaningful measures of biodiversity. We work in partnership with land managers and local communities to unlock environmental investment. We offer: 🌳 Terrestrial biodiversity measurement at scale using wildlife cameras, bioacoustics, eDNA and remote sensing 🦍 Mobile applications for sensor management and field data collection 📈 Ecosystem insights across natural capital portfolios through our Biodiversity Analytics Dashboard 🌍 Natural capital project development, with a focus on Central and West Africa


We are building an Earth Intelligence platform for carbon and biodiversity. Platforms and end-users can leverage our algorithms through our API and/or UI to help generate statistically robust estimates of metrics such as change in soil carbon through to species distributions. While our algorithms are designed to allow metrics to be generated in the absence of ground truth data, where data exist, these can be integrated and used to improve estimates.


InvestConservation focus on high impact biodiversity conservation projects in tropical forests, directing over 85% of every dollar invested to on the ground science based conservation efforts. We use satellite monitoring, camera traps, soundscapes and AI, and NFT tokens for transparency and traceability.

Space Intelligence

Space Intelligence is on a mission to enable zero deforestation and degradation, and support mass forest restoration, by producing the highest quality nature data products. We produce audit-grade mapping data on-demand, and offer digital MRV for nature-based solutions to climate change. Our maps are created using a combination of satellite data and field data, processed within a machine learning environment and delivered through an efficient web platform that also offers users access to pre-computed and low-cost screening grade data. Our work brings integrity and transparency to the Voluntary Carbon Market, and stimulates confidence in investment in Natural Capital, investment which will help to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss.

Gamma Earth

Gamma Earth offers a portfolio of uniquely powerful AI solutions for Earth Observation and remote sensing including 10x super-resolution for multispectral and hyperspectral satellite imaging data, as well as cloud detection and removal, atmospheric correction, and land use and land cover classification.

Dendra Systems

Dendra is the #1 ecosystem restoration platform for environmental managers. Dendra's purpose is to prepare our planet for a better tomorrow. Dendra has developed a remote sensing ecosystem management platform with an AI-driven data collection and monitoring tool, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and automated aerial seeding.


Kita is the carbon insurance specialist, offering bespoke carbon insurance products that act as a stamp of confidence for carbon credits. By reducing risk in carbon transactions, we enable greater flows of finance towards the carbon projects that are making a positive difference.  


Vycarb is a measurement service for carbon in water. With a first-of-its-kind, fully autonomous, real-time measurement system for all inorganic carbon in water, Vycarb empowers groups from shellfish farms to conservation projects to carbon removal suppliers to understand, manage, and report carbon in the largest, yet most enigmatic, carbon pool - water.

Nature Metrics

Our commitment to nature: It is our mission to make DNA-based biodiversity monitoring accessible to all. Our technology is being deployed across the world in the name of biodiversity conservation, for the good of people and nature.

Rainforest Connection

Our mission is to develop and leverage conservation technology to empower our partners to protect threatened rainforest from illegal logging and poaching and monitor for biodiversity.

Viridios AI

**Viridios AI offers a data and technology ecosystem with a best-in-class platform that empowers climate and sustainability market participants to perform analysis and make informed decisions.**


Understory’s mission is to fight climate change and biodiversity loss by providing actionable metrics for environmental management and trusted verification for nature based solutions. We use a combination of drone and satellite imagery to identify vegetation down to the species level and quantify biological data. We strive to produce metrics that provide measurable environmental performance indicators over the lifespan of an intervention or initiative. These data allow our customers to assess compliance for environmental regulation, verify sequestration in voluntary carbon markets, and improve outcomes from nature based solutions.


Orbify is a geospatial data platform (GDP) for evaluating, monitoring, & marketing natural assets. Access ready-to-use remote sensing data analysis using cutting-edge ML models that deliver ease, precision, and speed. The platform delivers instant, actionable insights by providing a comprehensive dashboard of remote sensing data analysis, based on your project's specific geo coordinates. Our diverse range of environmental indicators includes everything from land use analysis to natural hazards assessment, and even biodiversity tracking. Our major customers are NbS developers and operators, sustainable development & ESG teams, as well as insurance companies.

Dunya Analytics

Dunya Analytics offers a digital platform that enables companies to measure, report (TNFD), and act on nature-related financial risks across their operations and supply chain. Our team of technology and biodiversity experts use the best available science to connect company actions like deforestation and pollution to biodiversity loss and then to financial risk for the company, providing quantified, actionable insights at scale.

Simplex DNA

We develop DNA based monitoring solutions to save life on earth.


Specialised carbon accounting for nature restoration projects, focussed on afforestation, rewilding and landscape-scale restoration land use change.

Aichi Obiettivo 20

Aichi Obiettivo 20 is a startup whose mission is to make ecology a gateway for nature-positive businesses models. We devised BlockCO2, a PycCCS based carbon credit scheme that values ecological services along the whole supply chain. We developed a solid yet simple set of auditing methodologies to account for carbon removals and emission savings deriving from biochar production and applications, that implies tracking the whole system from biomass source to final non-fuel application, that ensures full transparency via a blockchain record. Therefore, we cut middlesmen costs without losing on reliability, and return most of the carbon credit value to the subjects and communities that produced it.


ClimaFi is launching the Peatland Protocol, a new dMRV for the restoration of global peatlands based on patent pending, peer reviewed science. The technique is centred on rewetting peatland and measuring ground motion using satellite imagery. The resulting data is combined with changes in water table depth ("the proxy") to calculate highly accurate records of post restoration C02e reduction at scale.

Applied Genomics

Applied Genomics Ltd. provide environmental DNA-based sampling equipment and analysis services for the quantification of biodiversity in terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments. We deliver simple, practical and impactful tools that can help businesses to identify their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity, to quantify nature-related risks and opportunities, and to support business to make better informed, data-driven decisions for efficient and cost-effective management of their environmental pressures.

Ecosystem Restoration Standard

A new certification Standard for the Voluntary Carbon Markets, built upon next-generation dMRV (Digital Monitoring, Reporting & Verification). The Voluntary Carbon Markets are now at a crossroads and in need of a fresh approach that emphasises integrity and accountability. Fortunately, numerous technical advancements have opened the door for a new form of carbon standard. The Ecosystem Restoration Standard is a new certification that harnesses the full potential of restoration projects. By integrating dMRV (Digital Monitoring, Reporting & Verification) into the Standard, we are able to track progress continuously across multiple baselines. This allows for greater traceability and ensures that projects are held to a higher level of accountability, minimising the risk of reputational damage that comes with purchasing low-quality carbon projects.


Our mission is to improve the management of environmental resources. Virridy develops and deploys technologies to manage water, energy and agricultural resources in remote, off-grid environments.

Conservation X Labs

Our mission is to prevent the sixth mass extinction. Conservation is not succeeding fast enough. Extinction and habitat destruction are increasing exponentially, while our solutions increase incrementally. By focusing on drivers — not symptoms — of extinction, we can eliminate threats to species and dramatically improve the protection and health of ecosystems.


We are looking at VCM activity across the world, tracking retirement, issuance, and other activity for ~27,000 VCM projects. Additionally, we are tracking geospatial data for the biggest nature-based projects (360+ of them) -- here, we track satellite data to track what has happened within the project's boundaries. We track data on methane emissions, deforestation rates, project burned area and thermal anomalies, biodiversity data, and many other data points. We can then check how the project has performed before and after the project crediting period start date. Going forward, we will continue to add to the data we collect and analyze as part of our dataset, and we are working with the Gold Standard and CAD Trust in order to help guide the industry on Open API best practices and data structures. We would love to be involved with MRV Collective to share our learnings to date, and to learn from the best in the industry.


Renoster is a carbon credit rating agency that leverages remote-sensing technology to rigorously review the quality of nature-based carbon credits.

Earth Analytics Group

Earth Analytics Group’s mission is to provide accurate and actionable scientific information needed to face climate change —to mitigate what is avoidable, and to adapt to what is not. The Earth Analytics platform leverages satellite remote sensing, molecular diagnostics, eDNA, artificial intelligence & machine learning to deliver nature based solutions to quantify and deliver greenhouse gas emissions reductions and address the impacts of climate change & biodiversity loss to deliver food, water & energy security.  

Agrotec Laboratorios Analíticos S.A.

Agrotec Analytical Laboratoriesis a regional scientific management company, provider of laboratory analytical services and technical-scientific advice. We are trusted advisors to the most relevant companies and institutions in the region, both private and public, on issues related to laboratory analysis, sample collection and various issues related to earth sciences.


veritree is a data-driven, restorative platform that connects nature-based solutions with mission-driven companies ready to lead the restorative economy. With on-the-ground monitoring, remote sensing, and blockchain verification, veritree improves transparency and trust through data and tools that revitalize ecosystems, strengthen communities, and build climate solutions.


dMRV solution, decentralized access to climate data, climate risk assessment tools, weather data forecasting

CyberTracker Conservation

CyberTracker Conservation is a non-profit organization promoting a global environmental monitoring network. Since 1997, we've provided free software for smartphones and PDAs, designed for expert indigenous trackers. We offer Tracker Certification to preserve tracking skills and improve observer reliability in biodiversity research. CyberTracker is used worldwide in indigenous communities, protected areas, scientific research, and various fields. Our mission is to empower local and indigenous communities as nature custodians. Through data capture, we develop a Worldwide Environmental Monitoring Network to unlock nature financing, regenerate ecosystems, sequester carbon, and uplift community well-being.


Nadar is an earth observation startup harnessing satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to increase transparency and quality in natural resource monitoring. Our scalable MRV solution allows forest ecosystems to be assessed faster, more easily, and more accurately on a global scale. Nadar's solution supports project developers, landowners, and analysts to assess nature-based solutions with trust to help protect nature on Earth.


Thryve is a platform that unites multiple stakeholders to develop high-quality nature-based carbon projects in a scalable manner.

SmartCloud Farming GmbH

SmartCloudFarming is a pioneering deep-tech startup at the intersection of space and agro-tech. Our cutting-edge technology features patent-pending deep neural network algorithms, enabling precise scanning, measurement, and mapping of soil organic carbon on a global scale with unparalleled scalability and accuracy. Our mission is ambitious yet crucial: by 2026, we aim to measure 1 billion tonnes of CO2 sequestered annually in arable soil. This initiative is a vital step towards our broader goal of contributing to the global effort to limit the rise in temperatures to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. SmartCloudFarming is committed to leveraging advanced technology to address climate challenges and make a lasting impact on the future of our planet.


Unlock investment into nature at speed and scale with a purpose to regenerate more than 1% of the world's land into healthy ecosystems by 2030.


The latest advancements in satellite monitoring and scientific modeling that scales with your climate ambitions.


Ecobot is the ClimateTech platform that predicts the future by collecting real-time field data. We believe that biodiversity is both the key to climate resilience and a critical marker of humankind’s impact on ecosystems. Ecobot modernizes environmental permitting work. We normalize, aggregate, and anonymize field data at the watershed (HUC8) level to feed the mission-critical expert network learning layer that we need to train satellite and LiDAR climate data. And we have a great head start. We already have over 5 million biodiversity and water data points gathered in the field. This is the anonymized data behind the 120,000 permitting reports our customers have created on the platform. These reports contain rich data about vegetation, soil, water, and topography — interconnected geospatially. Right now, we’re only in the US but we plan to expand. Imagine this data at a greater scale, across all environmental sectors, across the entire planet.

The Landbanking Group

TLG is building the market infrastructure to create a new asset class for nature regeneration at scale: Nature Equity.


natcap is a nature intelligence startup founded at Oxford University. We builds data products for companies & financial institutions in the food & agriculture sector so they can understand their interactions with nature. We are a team of environmental scientists, engineers, and operators. Our data enables customers to understand their exposure to nature risk, comply with regulations, and improve their environmental impact. We provide high-precision, farm-level intelligence across nature dependencies (e.g. water supply, pollination, soil quality) and impacts (e.g. fertilisers, pesticides, land-use change). We also assess exposure to physical risks (e.g. soil erosion, floods, extreme temperatures) and evaluate the landscape they operate in (e.g. biodiversity integrity, ecosystem condition). To do this, we utilise a wide variety of data sources: satellite imagery, remote sensing, and nature databases on elements like soil samples and biodiversity.


LandScale equips local and global landscape stakeholders to access, report and communicate reliable information about landscape management and sustainability performance, enabling them to design and target interventions to deliver greater impact at scale.

We use global technologies to design digital MRV tools—monitoring, reporting & verification—to help governments and landowners understand and manage landscapes. Our cloud-based software maps forests by applying cutting edge analytics to high resolution satellite data. It takes specific scientific and technical systems to process and analyze these data, and we leverage our unique blend of technical and ecological expertise to transform satellite data into precision metrics of forest health.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members engage in joint programming, application deployment, and collaboration activities such as research, communications, events, advocacy, and project development.